Edelbrand-Records Party im Caf├ę Concerto
edelbrand records party, 25.4.2009
im Caf├ę Concerto

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edelbrand records ist ein Verein bzw. eine Plattform zur F├Ârderung des musikalisch-kulturellen Austausches. Basis bildet die Zusammenarbeit der Mitglieder: Musiker, Kreative, Techniker und Organisatoren bringen abseits der Majors ihre F├Ąhigkeiten ein, um sich gegenseitig zu unterst├╝tzen. Das ganze passiert aus der ├ťberzeugung heraus, dass es eine Szene gibt, die sich nicht zu verstecken braucht, die es wert ist, wahrgenommen zu werden.

Folgende Bands bzw. Musiker werden am 25.4. auftreten:


Birne Helene


Giocoo, Mr. Korg & Dokta, Rockafeller

spielen etwas von: Interpol, Gorillaz, Arcade Fire, RHCP, Clash, Depeche Mode, The Kooks, Tocotronic, Pixies, Weezer, Muse, Dandy Warholes, Placebo, Sterne, Killers, Cure, Foo Fighters, Amy Winehouse, Ladytron, David Bowie, Subcooltours, Gro├čstadtgefl├╝ster, Mauracher, Firewater, Club Valat, ...
Gepostet am 21.04.2009 um 04:53:09 Uhr

qinvsVVBX67619.04.2016 um 09:39:43 Uhr

Not bad at all fellas and gallsa. Thanks.

WwBrZS42bwV03.05.2016 um 02:09:06 Uhr

A simple and intelligent point, well made. Thanks!

gOjncEQIiAq18.05.2016 um 01:37:37 Uhr

People normally pay me for this and you are giving it away!

O40JLfY4WCbB19.05.2016 um 16:55:36 Uhr

And I was just wondering about that too!

iFtDJoWiK621.05.2016 um 02:52:01 Uhr

Die Stelle, die du dir für dein Tattoo ausgesucht hast, finde ich super! An den Rippen soll es aber - ohne dir Angst zu machen - sehr schmerzhaft sein;)

FFN3ljUw6kg12.06.2016 um 21:21:33 Uhr

The paragon of understanding these issues is right here!

OtCu2WgAFt5C21.07.2016 um 05:05:04 Uhr

, I am no fan of the NDP although I have had great respect for Harcourt, Romanow and David Lewis.I don't accept that a "united right" is indivisible. In fact I suspect there are great strains within it and within its supporting voters.Things change, they always change.

xkrtpcHD03.08.2016 um 22:45:28 Uhr

…….I don’t understand why the people are so political on this site, Please we need to get over this….. and i still believe we are not judge to call a Hindu and a Muslim a Terrorist, let the law take it’s course…..Come on friends lets make a pledge that we will make our mother land save from terrorism. Ameen….Jai HindAllah Hafiz….

kUzTWiPh11.09.2016 um 03:56:17 Uhr

Wow! Great to find a post knocking my socks off!

V8ojbedq7w015.09.2016 um 02:49:13 Uhr

Thanks Christina and Kim – yes, I am truly in the trenches…slipping on dropped cherry tomatoes and all. It is amazing to see the kids happily eating their veggies and so worth the effort.

2xOAe6ckgPNP16.09.2016 um 03:29:54 Uhr

Another embarrassing Indian performance when the pressure was on. With umpire Bucknor no where to be seen, I’m looking forward to seeing who the Indian spin-doctors blame for this one. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAPISS OFF HOME!

mM9CPMcgi21.09.2016 um 10:35:47 Uhr

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LrjESLS2S0V12.10.2016 um 16:59:04 Uhr

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vMoFxIwd17.10.2016 um 20:04:22 Uhr

Hi Walter. It’s been one of our most read posts for the week but clearly not one that readers seem to want to comment on. I’m getting the impression that there is a broader sense of relief that something is finally happening which, so far, seems to trump any concern about the detail (or lesser amount of funding allocated). We’re putting together a deeper, more analytical piece for early next week.  

MSViRWOZs9q18.10.2016 um 21:49:53 Uhr

I really like your use of simple connections to represent the overall theme of this class. We have our final soon, and seeing this helped me study the multiple themes in each book, so thank you! We will miss you too.

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